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Five Years [20 Jul 2008|06:25am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Its been in my thoughts lately, lingering in the back of my mind now that I am technically an adult and those magical days seem so long ago. Governor's School was five years ago now this month, so very odd to think about how far we have all come since then.

Tonight I decided to open up my journal from Governor's School and see what I was doing on this day five years ago.

Of course I got sucked in. It is so very strange to consider that it has been five years since that summer. Strange to see what has changed and what has not, who has stuck by my side and who I have lost to time and space. I'm starting to realize that while I may have changed greatly, my fears and my doubts remain the same. Maybe they are the same for everyone or maybe they are the things that never change.

I remember coming back from Governor's School years ago and I wanted to write a journal entry every day of what my written entries were. I never did it. Now tonight, I would like to just have an overview. A brief snippet of each entry, what strikes me most in retrospect after all that has occurred since then.

To begin.

July 5, 2003
3:30 p.m.

I left this morning still crying over things left unsaid, undone and unknown. I have long anticipated this moment but now as I am on my way it still doesn't feel quite real.... This sad ball of compressed emotion resides beside another tightly coiled ball of energy waiting to burst forth. In approximately 24 hours, my life will change again...

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It is very odd to re read this journal in full. To see what premonitions I had that came true, to see the connections I formed that became so much more afterward. Towards the end the journal starts become a bit personal but I think its the type of thing everyone out there can relate to. I thought I would post this here in case anyone wanted to read it, I mention a good deal of you so if you're interested, feel free to read on through. My thoughts and heart are with you all always.

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Three Years [19 Jul 2006|08:17pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Greetings all of you lovely lovely govies

Tis I, Emily O'Donnell, speaking up from the abyss of cyberspace to say hello once more. I realized today that it has been three years since PGSA. Three years ago today I was actually getting lost in the Gorge. Wow, how time flies? I'm happy to report that I haven't gotten lost in any deep ravines since that time... Ahh. Memories...

Anywhooooooo. The reason I'm posting here is because after an extended hiatus away, my family and I have moved back to Pennsylvania and I am currently living in a little suburb right outside of Philadelphia called Bala Cynwyd. Its right next to Bryn Mawr (where I work actually at the Barnes and Noble) and Havertown and I have this little tickle in my brain telling me that I know quite a few govies who live in this area but I never know who is still around or not. And I *know* theres loads of you in Philly itself. Soooo, in my infinite boredom and exasperation with my friends who I see all the time, I thought I would post and inquire as to whether anyone in the area wanted to get together sometime and hang out, reminisce, get to know each other all over again.

C'mon, reunion is always a good thing!

Speaking of reunions, if there are any occuring in the Philadelphia area in the near future, please do let me know. I have missed far too many reunions (including the official one) and if none are happening any time soon then maybe I'll have one of my own. If anyone is interested.

So yes, I would absolutely love it if any of you would respond to this post or e-mail me at faelai47@hotpop.com or hell you could drop by the Barnes and Noble in Bryn Mawr and we could have an enthusastic reunion amongst the books that have enslaved me while convincing all of my coworkers that I really am crazy. That would be grand ;)

Love and Purple!

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[15 Oct 2005|06:14pm]

Hey, kids, sad news.

The creative writing majors' website is losing its home again, but this time, I don't have anywhere to transfer it to. If anyone else is interested in giving the site a home, they can feel free to do so. Let me know. If not, everyone should know that the link is going to be broken in a month or two.
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[11 Sep 2005|04:08pm]

anybody have "artists don't ice skate" on their computer? anybody willing to send it to me through yousendit or im?

i was sure i had it but i don't and it's really important to me that i find it somewhere if i can.

love and miss you guys.
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attention govvies [06 Jun 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Riki Suni has just informed me that she's throwing a party! It's at her house, 9PM tomorrow till... sometime... later...

And she asked me to invite people she couldn't get ahold of such as John, Yarsky, Kelly, Betsey, etc.

So consider yourselves on the list.

My job is done here... So come...

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In case anyone was interested... [06 May 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hi boys and girls,

It's me! It's Rob Farrell! I hope that all of you are well. Anyway, I'm in a show at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland, right across the street from Magee Women's Hospital. It's nothing fancy, a children's show, and yes I do have the two smallest parts in it (hey I'm still a freshman, give me time), but I'd love it if any of you would to come see me. I promise you it will be worth it. There are some excellent actors here and the show is funny. If nothing else you can laugh at the fact that I will be shaving my legs or using nair or whatever. And now no one can say that I haven't suffered for my craft.

It's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing adapted for the stage by Bruce Mason and based on the book by Judy Blume. It will be running from May 10-June 3. From Monday-Friday we have shows at 10 AM (with an extra show at 12:30 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays). Sat-Sun we have 2 shows both days at 11 AM and 2:30 PM. Also, make sure you find the Rauh Theatre and not the Rockwell, where a different show will be running at the same time as ours, just to confuse everyone on earth. For tickets, you can go to that web address below or call the box office at 412-621-4445

Here's the complete teaser shamelessly stolen from www.pointpark.edu .

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
5/14/2005 - 5/29/2005
Judy Blume’s masterfully humorous yarn follows the Hatcher children: Peter, his little brother Fudgie and baby sister Tootsie. Peter, because he's the oldest, must deal with Fudgie's cuteness, his constant meddling with Peter's stuff and other “grave little-brother offenses.”

Ronald Allan-Lindblom, Artistic Producing Director
Playhouse Jr. – Point Park University
Saturday and Sunday: 11am and 2:30pm
Tickets: $7

Well, I should hope to see you there. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or call.

Rob Farrell

The teaser got something wrong. There's no "tootsie" in the show. I'm afraid I was never exactly a fan of the series of books growing up, so I know nothing about her. Nor do I recall Peter ever using the term "grave little-brother offenses" in the show. Dreadfully sorry about that. Also, although the website teaser doesn't list the weekly shows, I'm still fairly certain that they're open to the public.

I did mention that this was a CHILDREN'S SHOW for the Playhouse Jr. so if you know any children, by all means bring them along. I should mention that this show is probably better for kids 7 and older. It's not that there's any adult themes or whatever, but younger kids may be a little more bored with this show when compared with the other show at the Playhouse Jr. That's The Velveteen Rabbit, which I believe is playing at the same time as ours.

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i'll meet you in the grotto [29 Apr 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

hey guys and gals, long time no see :)

I was just wondering how many of you kids are going to be at school in Philly next year? I'm so awful at keeping track of where everyone has ended up, but I am transferring to Temple next year and I just wanted to know how many govies are in the city because it would be so great to be able to reconnect with you guys if we're living in the same city.

I was just so overcome with how much I miss you kids tonight when finishing my application for temple, i was writing my essay which is supposed to be about 'an experience that has contributed greatly to your development as an artist' and of course, i wrote about governor's school.

and i kind of wanted to share what i wrote with you guys, i thought you might appreciate it. :)

Emily O’Donnell
Student Essay
Temple: Tyler Application


A breathless moment in the heat of the summer, we sat on green grass and sang together. We took photographs in the attempt to capture an experience that could never be summed up in one moment or one image. We were all artists and we had come from across the state of Pennsylvania to this place where we could learn together. We learned about art, about life, about love and about ourselves.

Sometimes it is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment that your life has changed. Sometimes an artist cannot see the progress they are making until long after the fact, when they look back at their work and know that somewhere along the way, they have improved themselves.

In the summer of 2003, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to attend the 2003 Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts in Erie, Pennsylvania. For the previous two years of my high school life, I had been working towards this goal of attending Governor’s School for photography, it was a grueling and strenuous process and in the end, I was rewarded tenfold by the experience.

To attempt to write about the experience of Governor’s School is a daunting task. Even now, almost two years after it happened, I cannot fully put the experience into words. Going to Erie for five amazing weeks that summer changed my life, it radically transformed my photography and the way I view the world of art. Governor’s School was akin to paradise to all of the artists, actors, dancers, musicians, who attended. We had all been searching for somewhere to belong, for others like us and at Governor’s School, we found everything that we had sought.

There were two hundred of us there that year, we came from the scattered corners of Pennsylvania to Mercyhurst campus to fulfill a dream that had long been sleeping. At Governor’s School, I discovered the strength of my peers, their passion for art and their desire to do some good in this world. We all worked together to create an experience that remains unrivalled in my life, nowhere else in this world have I found a group of artists more dedicated to their work, to their goals and ideals. Never before had art been such a pure connecting force between so many strangers.

At Governor’s School, I came into my own, not only as a photographer and an artist, but as an individual. The art of all those around me affected me greatly, seeing the works of the visual artists, being moved by the performances of the actors and the dancers, hearing the music played every evening that never ceased. It was a well of creativity that had no limits to its depth.

No other experience in my time as an artist has ever compared to those five weeks I spent in Erie, surrounded by artists of my age. There was such a feeling of hope in all of us, a wide eyed wonder and a spirit that could not be crushed. My experience at Governor’s School taught me how to work with other artists, it taught me to look at art in new and fascinating ways. I learned then that through the beauty and profound nature of art, anything is possible.


i love you all.
sorry for the double post for anyone who has me on their friends page and was forced to read this twice ;)

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Memories... [12 Jan 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

It's kind of weird how little things can affect you. Little things can trigger memories and feelings all over again. My roommate just played Billy Joel - Pianoman on his computer and it brought me back a ways.

Do you remember the one coffeehouse when Ryan played that song on the piano? I can't for the life of me remember who sang that night though.

Wow... It makes me feel like I just left gov school again. Kind of in a distant way though...

Does this ever happen to anyone else or am I just stupid to miss everything over a year later?

I miss the laker, I miss the gazebo, I miss people, I miss the Erie Salvo, I miss fantasia in the grotto, I miss watching ghost light through the outside window, I miss the library, I miss the the site-specifics, I miss snowball fights in the summer, I miss I miss I miss I miss...

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Howdy [03 Jan 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I hope you're all very well.

It's me, Rob! The quiet theatre major!

I'm just curious about how you're all doing and where you're all at right now.

I remember someone's quote, I think it was Molly Donovan's, that their "heart had been scattered into 200 pieces all across Pennsylvania." Thinking about it now, makes me think that we're even more spread out now over the country.

I wonder, if there was some way we could ever find out in the far-off future what happened to everyone and what amazing things everyone did in their lives.

I'm at Point Park University now, an Acting major. When I'm done in 3.5 years (or 2.5 if I'm able to graduate early) I'll probably move to Chicago or New York or wherever I can find work. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Let me know what's going on with you guys or if you're ever in a show or anything.

(And, if you have any pictures of the site-specific performances, let me know!)


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resurrecting the PGSA LJ [21 Dec 2004|07:06am]

hey guys! (it's amazing how tempting it is just to type I LOVE YOU ALL and leave it at that) I'm posting, partly out of curiosity and partly out of selfishness, to see which young '03ers had already heard from colleges, or knew of anyone who has already decided where they were going. hoping to see some of your faces in Boston! I wonder how many people still get this on their friends pages; I know I haven't looked at the yahoo group for months.

love and hugs and kisses for all of my slouch socks.
rach. (cw/poetry major)
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Important? [12 Apr 2004|11:48am]

This is going to be crossposted a couple of places.

The Creative Writing website has moved to http://www.blandonmeadows.com/designersmind/juilliardcw/. Now with audio included.

Right. On with life.
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COLLEGE [11 Apr 2004|08:41am]

 helllllllo govies! i really like what molly's been doing on our yahoo community with college posts. so i thought i'd bring it here: post your college of choice! love you all very very much.

xo rachel (who is attending   !!)

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govvies...visiting you? [18 Mar 2004|05:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hey y'all.

i might have sent some of you guys this already, but i figured i'd put it here for maximum exposure. i'll also be putting it in my journal and the yahoo group.

there is a remote chance that louise (pgsa theater) and i (steph minogue - pgsa poet) and maybe even amanda mcguire (theater) might be coming to philly during our spring break (april 3rd-10th). however, that is entirely dependent on one or two govvies being merciful enough to adopt us and put us up in their houses for part of this time, because there is absolutely no way we can afford a hotel.
also, we need to figure out several strategic locations that will allow us to see as many govvies (who are, of course, interested in reuniting with us) as possible.
however, in the interest of taking a preliminary poll...
how many of you a) would be willing to meet us and/or b) would be willing to adopt us?
at this point we figure we'll take an amtrak into philly the 3rd and get there in the mid-late afternoon.
haha i know this is kind of lame to be like hey....i haven't seen you in half-a-year, adopt me! all of a sudden, but...such is life. so mucho apologies in that respect.
however, we love you all and look forward to maybe...just maybe...seing you in a couple weeks!
and, this is all extremely tentative and once louise frees herself from the slavery that is the spring musical we'll be planning this out in way more detail.
anyway, keep in touch! let us know what you think, and if you have any road trip planning suggestions.
and much apologies for the short notice also, but we weren't even sure we were going to try and do it until recently.
luv yaaaaaaaaaa

steph minogue

also, louise is at:
sn: Weesel812

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GOVIE SIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18 Mar 2004|11:12am]

[ mood | GOVIE LOVE! ]

So, regional band is at CL this year, and they ran out of host family's right? so we took three girls (from keystone). they are lovely.AND i know them.

BACK TO GOVIENESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I was standing waiting for our gals to find their belongings and host familys, when i look up and WHO Do i see BUT BRADLEY BEHR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i waited until he was over with his host family (who were right beside us) hoping that he would see me, but he didn't and i couldn't wait another second longer, and said very loudly "BRAD!" well that bradley looks up and sees me, and HIS face LIT up. He was totally suprised, and i was vrey happy and gave him a BIIIIIIIIG hug. i haven't seen that wonderful boy since august, and gosh darnit i just love him to pieces. "D !

Wonderful kids. Just wonderful.

I miss you all. and love everyone to pieces too.


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hullo all [05 Mar 2004|07:42pm]

hey everyone...
just wanted to say that i joined this group 'bout two months ago...and...nothing happened! what's up with that?
i guess i really just want to put myself out there to everyone and say holla. i miss all of you, and if any of you want to be my friend who aren't already (all the cool kids are doing it) i would be honored to return the favor, since this group is a vast empty space of nothingness and i desperately want to keep in touch with all of you.
and if there are any other govvies who aren't part of this group (shame on them) i'd like to know, so i can implore them to keep in touch with me too. :)
that's it really. just the usual "i-love-you-i'll-never-forget-you" crap.

steph minogue
pgsa 03' - poet
(short, oddly-colored red/blond/brown hair, sorority member, theater minor)
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Govvies from other years? [14 Dec 2003|04:57pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've been looking for PGSA stuff on line for years to no avail. Does anyone know if there are any sites/groups/etc. for classes other than 2003?

Christ, I feel old.

PGSA '89

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required govie reading [17 Nov 2003|05:03pm]

[ mood | tired ]

went a visiting to philly this weekend to see some fabulous govies. during an amazing conversation that max, rachel, elody, stacy and i were having, we decided to compile a list of books and movies that changed our lives and that all govies must read and/or watch.
so here it is, i thought you guys might be interested. feel free to give me some more recommendations to add to the list although its quite long already, the books on the list that were my recommendation were: anne rice, allan gurganus: plays well with others, niall williams: four letters of love, and michael moore and all the movies are my reccomendations as well.
so go to it guys.
this is pretty long so its behind the cut

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we're too quiet here [31 Aug 2003|03:10pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

i know how much you guys love random little messages reminding each other how much we govies worship each other so heres one from me to you. i sent this to the pgsa 2003 mailing list but just in case you're not on there.

hey guys,
i've been reading everyones e-mails and it makes me so happy to know that everyone out there feels the same way i do about life outside of governors school. before i left for governors school, i felt so trapped in my small city, trapped by so many people who do nothing but throw their lives away to drugs and apathy. i had some of the most beautiful friends who were artists here who eventually devolved into escapism and it was breaking my heart before i left to see such a destruction of beauty and creativity.

i have this thing with change, my life seems to drag on so slowly but every now and then something big happens in my life that changes the way i look at everything, changes me as a person and my perspective on the rest of the world. i worked for two years to get into governors school and i remember the last morning before i left for erie, crying because i was afraid of what might and might not happen.

you guys have changed my life, you have changed me more than anything else has and in the most positive way imaginable. you filled my world with color and sound and laughter again. there were so many of you that i never really got a chance to talk to but in my heart, i still love you intensely for your passion and your creativity and your amazing energy that always filled me with hope. i left governors school crying as i had the day i arrived, because i was afraid that nothing afterward would be the same, i was afraid that without seeing one another every day we would all grow apart and fade into memory. i came home and told my friends that i had fallen in love with over 200 people, some whose names i never even knew, some who i never even talked to, some who stayed up with me that last night talking and crying and running around the grotto one last time. you know who you are :)

so now i'm back home and everything here is the same. nothing ever seems to change. at governors school, there was something new to be discovered every day, every moment we were there we were discovering ourselves and each other and new aspects to the world around us and everything was always new and amazing. i long to bring this kind of freedom into the lives of my friends here who have become so sad and bored with life but its impossible to bring our experience to others, impossible for them to understand if they havent been there and known what it was like. so i'm trying in small ways to open them back up to the beauty in the world but its hard because with all of you, i never had to try, you were all open to whatever i had to say, however stupid or profound or out there it seemed and there are so many reasons why i love you all so much and i cant even list them all because even i cant know some of them but the amazing thing is that you all understand. i could send this e-mail to non govies and they would think i'm crazy but i know that every single one of you who reads this will understand what i mean and that is a great comfort to me when i feel alone here.

i had my first govie reunion a few days ago, visited christine in perkiomenville and got a chance to see max and nick as well. it was so invigorating to be amongst govies again, even if it was only a few of us. it renewed my determination to find a way to see all of you and it is a hard promise to keep when i have no car or license or money to get either but i'm damn well determined to do it because we have all been connected by one beautiful experience and we may never have that back but we can still have each other.

with that said, i love you all, please feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on or anything at all. i'm here for all of you.
with all my love;
aim: dansari rose
e-mail: undothought@yahoo.com
journal: www.livejournal.com/users/velvetphile
photo gallery: www.faelai.deviantart.com

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It's Joy!! [24 Aug 2003|03:58pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Well, I'm a geek. I've learned how to have upwards of four convos at once on AIM (speaking of which, my screenname's Anandaji42, if you guys have that messenger). What an accomplishment! Also, thanks to Ry and Becky, I'm able to sing every lyric to "We Drink Ritalin", a very disturbing fanimutation (go check it out! Seriously!), as well as the lyrics to the Zelda Song (I forget which band did that, I think it was SOAD) and every word of Zero Wing is well-placed in my memory, though, as Ryanne will tell you, most of the latter is out of order. Soo, uh, this is a rather inane post, but tomorrow's the first day of school fer me, to today, being inane is manditory. I'm also recovering from a short bout of muscle-hurty-sickness, which involved me being fatigued, sore, and drinking milkshakes in my BF's lap. I'm all prepared, I think, to return, though I'm disappointed that I can;t seem to find any Mac downloads for runescape.com. I think I'll try some of its other websites, just to double-check on that. Oh, and as a note of interest, I'm wearing a tux, a tie, and a vest to school tomorrow, then reverting to my grungy-hippy-punk clothes for the rest of the school year. You know, just to go against any expectations. I got my hair cut (it looks nice; it's shoulder length) and am almost done putting together my comic for that damn national contest. I still have plenty of time, though, so mostly I'm being lazy and playing with my one and only Oberon (my fat lil' iguana... I'm hoping to get a piccy of him up here at some point). I got some weird, cheap watches, but I think I set the time to be the month and the month to be the time. Whoops! Soo... wish me luck in returning to school and entering that friggin' contest, 'cause I'm scared! Even though I usually claim that it's all cool, I'm kinda nervous. About the contest, not school, you doofs. Eh, whatever. Love you!

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photography [18 Aug 2003|03:44pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hey guys,
i have been posting my photography from my pgsa portfolio on my journal and in various other communities and i thought to myself that i should really post some of it here in case anyone wanted to see, so i'll post some of my portraits first and if you guys want to see the other stuff, let me know or just check out my journal or my online gallery: www.faelai.deviantart.com

so yeah. photos behind the cut ;)
i love you all!

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