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It's Joy!!

Well, I'm a geek. I've learned how to have upwards of four convos at once on AIM (speaking of which, my screenname's Anandaji42, if you guys have that messenger). What an accomplishment! Also, thanks to Ry and Becky, I'm able to sing every lyric to "We Drink Ritalin", a very disturbing fanimutation (go check it out! Seriously!), as well as the lyrics to the Zelda Song (I forget which band did that, I think it was SOAD) and every word of Zero Wing is well-placed in my memory, though, as Ryanne will tell you, most of the latter is out of order. Soo, uh, this is a rather inane post, but tomorrow's the first day of school fer me, to today, being inane is manditory. I'm also recovering from a short bout of muscle-hurty-sickness, which involved me being fatigued, sore, and drinking milkshakes in my BF's lap. I'm all prepared, I think, to return, though I'm disappointed that I can;t seem to find any Mac downloads for I think I'll try some of its other websites, just to double-check on that. Oh, and as a note of interest, I'm wearing a tux, a tie, and a vest to school tomorrow, then reverting to my grungy-hippy-punk clothes for the rest of the school year. You know, just to go against any expectations. I got my hair cut (it looks nice; it's shoulder length) and am almost done putting together my comic for that damn national contest. I still have plenty of time, though, so mostly I'm being lazy and playing with my one and only Oberon (my fat lil' iguana... I'm hoping to get a piccy of him up here at some point). I got some weird, cheap watches, but I think I set the time to be the month and the month to be the time. Whoops! Soo... wish me luck in returning to school and entering that friggin' contest, 'cause I'm scared! Even though I usually claim that it's all cool, I'm kinda nervous. About the contest, not school, you doofs. Eh, whatever. Love you!
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