the wretched writer (pierogie101) wrote in govvies,
the wretched writer

hullo all

hey everyone...
just wanted to say that i joined this group 'bout two months ago...and...nothing happened! what's up with that?
i guess i really just want to put myself out there to everyone and say holla. i miss all of you, and if any of you want to be my friend who aren't already (all the cool kids are doing it) i would be honored to return the favor, since this group is a vast empty space of nothingness and i desperately want to keep in touch with all of you.
and if there are any other govvies who aren't part of this group (shame on them) i'd like to know, so i can implore them to keep in touch with me too. :)
that's it really. just the usual "i-love-you-i'll-never-forget-you" crap.

steph minogue
pgsa 03' - poet
(short, oddly-colored red/blond/brown hair, sorority member, theater minor)
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