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govvies...visiting you?

hey y'all.

i might have sent some of you guys this already, but i figured i'd put it here for maximum exposure. i'll also be putting it in my journal and the yahoo group.

there is a remote chance that louise (pgsa theater) and i (steph minogue - pgsa poet) and maybe even amanda mcguire (theater) might be coming to philly during our spring break (april 3rd-10th). however, that is entirely dependent on one or two govvies being merciful enough to adopt us and put us up in their houses for part of this time, because there is absolutely no way we can afford a hotel.
also, we need to figure out several strategic locations that will allow us to see as many govvies (who are, of course, interested in reuniting with us) as possible.
however, in the interest of taking a preliminary poll...
how many of you a) would be willing to meet us and/or b) would be willing to adopt us?
at this point we figure we'll take an amtrak into philly the 3rd and get there in the mid-late afternoon.
haha i know this is kind of lame to be like hey....i haven't seen you in half-a-year, adopt me! all of a sudden, but...such is life. so mucho apologies in that respect.
however, we love you all and look forward to maybe...just maybe...seing you in a couple weeks!
and, this is all extremely tentative and once louise frees herself from the slavery that is the spring musical we'll be planning this out in way more detail.
anyway, keep in touch! let us know what you think, and if you have any road trip planning suggestions.
and much apologies for the short notice also, but we weren't even sure we were going to try and do it until recently.
luv yaaaaaaaaaa

steph minogue

also, louise is at:
sn: Weesel812
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