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I hope you're all very well.

It's me, Rob! The quiet theatre major!

I'm just curious about how you're all doing and where you're all at right now.

I remember someone's quote, I think it was Molly Donovan's, that their "heart had been scattered into 200 pieces all across Pennsylvania." Thinking about it now, makes me think that we're even more spread out now over the country.

I wonder, if there was some way we could ever find out in the far-off future what happened to everyone and what amazing things everyone did in their lives.

I'm at Point Park University now, an Acting major. When I'm done in 3.5 years (or 2.5 if I'm able to graduate early) I'll probably move to Chicago or New York or wherever I can find work. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Let me know what's going on with you guys or if you're ever in a show or anything.

(And, if you have any pictures of the site-specific performances, let me know!)

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