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It's kind of weird how little things can affect you. Little things can trigger memories and feelings all over again. My roommate just played Billy Joel - Pianoman on his computer and it brought me back a ways.

Do you remember the one coffeehouse when Ryan played that song on the piano? I can't for the life of me remember who sang that night though.

Wow... It makes me feel like I just left gov school again. Kind of in a distant way though...

Does this ever happen to anyone else or am I just stupid to miss everything over a year later?

I miss the laker, I miss the gazebo, I miss people, I miss the Erie Salvo, I miss fantasia in the grotto, I miss watching ghost light through the outside window, I miss the library, I miss the the site-specifics, I miss snowball fights in the summer, I miss I miss I miss I miss...
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