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i'll meet you in the grotto

hey guys and gals, long time no see :)

I was just wondering how many of you kids are going to be at school in Philly next year? I'm so awful at keeping track of where everyone has ended up, but I am transferring to Temple next year and I just wanted to know how many govies are in the city because it would be so great to be able to reconnect with you guys if we're living in the same city.

I was just so overcome with how much I miss you kids tonight when finishing my application for temple, i was writing my essay which is supposed to be about 'an experience that has contributed greatly to your development as an artist' and of course, i wrote about governor's school.

and i kind of wanted to share what i wrote with you guys, i thought you might appreciate it. :)

Emily O’Donnell
Student Essay
Temple: Tyler Application


A breathless moment in the heat of the summer, we sat on green grass and sang together. We took photographs in the attempt to capture an experience that could never be summed up in one moment or one image. We were all artists and we had come from across the state of Pennsylvania to this place where we could learn together. We learned about art, about life, about love and about ourselves.

Sometimes it is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment that your life has changed. Sometimes an artist cannot see the progress they are making until long after the fact, when they look back at their work and know that somewhere along the way, they have improved themselves.

In the summer of 2003, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to attend the 2003 Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts in Erie, Pennsylvania. For the previous two years of my high school life, I had been working towards this goal of attending Governor’s School for photography, it was a grueling and strenuous process and in the end, I was rewarded tenfold by the experience.

To attempt to write about the experience of Governor’s School is a daunting task. Even now, almost two years after it happened, I cannot fully put the experience into words. Going to Erie for five amazing weeks that summer changed my life, it radically transformed my photography and the way I view the world of art. Governor’s School was akin to paradise to all of the artists, actors, dancers, musicians, who attended. We had all been searching for somewhere to belong, for others like us and at Governor’s School, we found everything that we had sought.

There were two hundred of us there that year, we came from the scattered corners of Pennsylvania to Mercyhurst campus to fulfill a dream that had long been sleeping. At Governor’s School, I discovered the strength of my peers, their passion for art and their desire to do some good in this world. We all worked together to create an experience that remains unrivalled in my life, nowhere else in this world have I found a group of artists more dedicated to their work, to their goals and ideals. Never before had art been such a pure connecting force between so many strangers.

At Governor’s School, I came into my own, not only as a photographer and an artist, but as an individual. The art of all those around me affected me greatly, seeing the works of the visual artists, being moved by the performances of the actors and the dancers, hearing the music played every evening that never ceased. It was a well of creativity that had no limits to its depth.

No other experience in my time as an artist has ever compared to those five weeks I spent in Erie, surrounded by artists of my age. There was such a feeling of hope in all of us, a wide eyed wonder and a spirit that could not be crushed. My experience at Governor’s School taught me how to work with other artists, it taught me to look at art in new and fascinating ways. I learned then that through the beauty and profound nature of art, anything is possible.


i love you all.
sorry for the double post for anyone who has me on their friends page and was forced to read this twice ;)
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