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In case anyone was interested...

Hi boys and girls,

It's me! It's Rob Farrell! I hope that all of you are well. Anyway, I'm in a show at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland, right across the street from Magee Women's Hospital. It's nothing fancy, a children's show, and yes I do have the two smallest parts in it (hey I'm still a freshman, give me time), but I'd love it if any of you would to come see me. I promise you it will be worth it. There are some excellent actors here and the show is funny. If nothing else you can laugh at the fact that I will be shaving my legs or using nair or whatever. And now no one can say that I haven't suffered for my craft.

It's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing adapted for the stage by Bruce Mason and based on the book by Judy Blume. It will be running from May 10-June 3. From Monday-Friday we have shows at 10 AM (with an extra show at 12:30 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays). Sat-Sun we have 2 shows both days at 11 AM and 2:30 PM. Also, make sure you find the Rauh Theatre and not the Rockwell, where a different show will be running at the same time as ours, just to confuse everyone on earth. For tickets, you can go to that web address below or call the box office at 412-621-4445

Here's the complete teaser shamelessly stolen from .

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
5/14/2005 - 5/29/2005
Judy Blume’s masterfully humorous yarn follows the Hatcher children: Peter, his little brother Fudgie and baby sister Tootsie. Peter, because he's the oldest, must deal with Fudgie's cuteness, his constant meddling with Peter's stuff and other “grave little-brother offenses.”

Ronald Allan-Lindblom, Artistic Producing Director
Playhouse Jr. – Point Park University
Saturday and Sunday: 11am and 2:30pm
Tickets: $7

Well, I should hope to see you there. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or call.

Rob Farrell

The teaser got something wrong. There's no "tootsie" in the show. I'm afraid I was never exactly a fan of the series of books growing up, so I know nothing about her. Nor do I recall Peter ever using the term "grave little-brother offenses" in the show. Dreadfully sorry about that. Also, although the website teaser doesn't list the weekly shows, I'm still fairly certain that they're open to the public.

I did mention that this was a CHILDREN'S SHOW for the Playhouse Jr. so if you know any children, by all means bring them along. I should mention that this show is probably better for kids 7 and older. It's not that there's any adult themes or whatever, but younger kids may be a little more bored with this show when compared with the other show at the Playhouse Jr. That's The Velveteen Rabbit, which I believe is playing at the same time as ours.
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