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Three Years

Greetings all of you lovely lovely govies

Tis I, Emily O'Donnell, speaking up from the abyss of cyberspace to say hello once more. I realized today that it has been three years since PGSA. Three years ago today I was actually getting lost in the Gorge. Wow, how time flies? I'm happy to report that I haven't gotten lost in any deep ravines since that time... Ahh. Memories...

Anywhooooooo. The reason I'm posting here is because after an extended hiatus away, my family and I have moved back to Pennsylvania and I am currently living in a little suburb right outside of Philadelphia called Bala Cynwyd. Its right next to Bryn Mawr (where I work actually at the Barnes and Noble) and Havertown and I have this little tickle in my brain telling me that I know quite a few govies who live in this area but I never know who is still around or not. And I *know* theres loads of you in Philly itself. Soooo, in my infinite boredom and exasperation with my friends who I see all the time, I thought I would post and inquire as to whether anyone in the area wanted to get together sometime and hang out, reminisce, get to know each other all over again.

C'mon, reunion is always a good thing!

Speaking of reunions, if there are any occuring in the Philadelphia area in the near future, please do let me know. I have missed far too many reunions (including the official one) and if none are happening any time soon then maybe I'll have one of my own. If anyone is interested.

So yes, I would absolutely love it if any of you would respond to this post or e-mail me at or hell you could drop by the Barnes and Noble in Bryn Mawr and we could have an enthusastic reunion amongst the books that have enslaved me while convincing all of my coworkers that I really am crazy. That would be grand ;)

Love and Purple!
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